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It’s a match.

Films are all about people, characters, talent, unique faces and outstanding looks. Finding the perfect match for each role breathes life into the director’s vision of a commercial, film or tv production. For almost 20 years now, Vogt Casting has been delivering exceptional results for national and international clients, including Beiersdorf, Porsche and Ferrero, and for directors such as Dennis Gansel, Jonas Akerlund and Nicolas Winding Refn to name just a few Please view our full client list and portfolio.

Who we are

VOGT CASTING is an owner-managed, full-service casting agency, founded in 2005 by Tina Vogt. Since then we’ve handled the casting for many national and international productions and campaigns for clients at home and abroad.
As former Head of Casting with prominent production company Markenfilm, Tina Vogt draws on her extensive experience to prepare, implement and follow-up the casting process, delivering a fully customized service every time.

Forming the ideal complement to her skills, managing partner Moritz Vogt channels his experience in front of the camera into the production of precise and graphic casting roles, superior self-tape casting products and processes, and client-oriented service and consulting.

As VOGT CASTING we excel in finding the right person for any given role. We locate even the most unusual people for the most demanding campaigns. And we never stop until we have the perfect cast for you or, as we say in the trade, “it’s a match”.

What we offer

Real people casting. At Vogt Casting we’re passionate about real people casting. Are you looking for people with special stories, situations, jobs or cultural backgrounds? We’ll find them. We’ll find you the trucker with a big heart who can suffuse a major brand’s Christmas campaign with emotional appeal. We’ll find the kite surfer who uses accounting software he can credibly recommend. We’ll find people with the special qualities that bring authentic campaigns to life. So if you’re looking for real people with a real background, Vogt Casting is the place for you. Read more about our real people casting activity.

Self-tape casting. The growth of self-tape casting has opened up new opportunities to find talent all over the world in a very short time and with a small, effective and agile team. As a best-practice benchmark in self-tape casting, we’re experts in generating, processing and supplying data for you, our clients. By providing the next best thing to analogue casting, we make it easy for you to make the right choices.

Our casting studios. We have professionally equipped studios on two floors in Sternschanze, at the creative heart of Hamburg. We share one floor as co-working space with other creative minds, while the other is where we stage our face-to-face casting. Our studios are also available for rent on a daily basis – for your fitting sessions, workshops and seminars or as co-working space. Please send inquiries to

Our worldwide network. Our extensive international network enables us to conduct casting in almost every country across the globe. We work with actors, models, real people, influencers and kids’ agencies to match the cast to the client, as illustrated by our exceptional, extensive international portfolio.

Our wide-ranging roster Be it classic commercial or plus-size models, new or unusual faces, with tattoos or with special talents and features – we maintain a richly diversified roster and it’s growing every day.

You’d like to stand in front of the camera, slip into a role, be part of a shoot or commercial? Then simply send any relevant documents, a selection of recent photos and your contact details by e-mail to:
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Who we work for

Our clients. Vogt casting has handled casting for almost all major international brands, advised numerous film production companies and directors, and provided high-quality services for both advertising agencies and direct clients. You‘ll find our full client list here

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